5 Tips To Overcome Your Bad Luck – Bazi Analysis Tips

How Bad Luck is formed in Bazi Reading or  Analysis?

Every Bazi Charts will encounter bad luck for that particular year or in the luck cycle. In our other article, we have covered what can you know from Bazi Reading.

The seriousness of bad luck depends on how your chart interacts with the year or the luck cycle and type of clashes and combinations.

If there are clashes with the year and luck cycle, it definitely is not good for you. Besides clashes, the yearly or the luck cycle elements may also form a combination of other elements with your Bazi chart that might also result in more negative outcomes for you. For those serious clashes cases, I will usually define it as a critical or disastrous year.

Since we are unable to change our Bazi and how can we overcome it?

How to overcome when undergoing a bad luck period?

Those tips below definitely won’t be able to change your luck as I mentioned our Bazi is already is like DNA blueprint and there are no other ways to change this.

The tips below will help you to look at things at other perspectives, it will benefit you the following

  • how are you going to handle situations during difficult times
  • preparation for your next good luck cycle
  • reduce the impacts and risks for a negative outcome

1. With Humble Attitude & Control Your Emotions

Since life isn’t smooth sailing for that period, things will usually at your disadvantage. The best advice will be to avoid any conflicts with others including your families.

knowledge is wealth during bad times

2. Knowledge is Wealth.  Pick up a new skill

It will be beneficial for you to take up courses, reading and acquire new skills or knowledge during your free time that benefits your self-improvement.

This will definitely will help in your career or your personal growth, to prepare and benefit for your future.

3. Avoid making any major decision or involved in high-risk activities

When lady luck is not with us, it will be better to stay low profile, avoid making anything major moves or decisions like moving house, changing jobs, new investments.

Instead of doing those, try #2 tips pick up new skill and knowledge will be safer move.

In addition, also try to avoid participating in any high-risk activities.

4. Pick up new hobbies – Improve your personal well being

You can also try to pick up new hobbies during this period to fully maximize your time like learning new musical instruments or fitness which will also benefit your personal well-being.

Studies show that picking up a new musical instrument will help you build up your confidence, discipline, and patience.

For fitness-related hobbies, not only you can keep yourself fit and looking good that will also boost up your confidence. Most importantly, it will also benefit your health.

5. Helps Others – More Good deeds

Be passionate and helps others around you. Helping others will actually make yourself feel good and also will create positive vibes. You can make others happy and also will be able to learn from others at the same time.


Fully maximize your time wisely even during your low period, it will be good preparation and benefit you in the future.




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