Fengshui Luopan – The 24 Mountains

Every Fengshui Consultant or Master will use the Fengshui compass or we also called it Luo Pan (罗 盘 ) during the Fengshui Audit.  It is an essential tool when doing a Fengshui audit as the Luo Pan encompasses the 24 mountains which help to determine the direction like the sitting and facing.

Today we will briefly go through what is the 24 mountains about that in place in the Fengshui compass.

What is 24 Mountains ?

Basically, there are 4 main directions which are North, South, East and West but in Fengshui, it will break further into 4 more directions which are North East (NE), North West (NW), South East (SE) and South West (SW) In the compass, it actually sub-divided into 24 sectors. For example for North, there will be N1, N2, and N3 and it can represent different meanings in each sector.

As there are 24 sectors in total, so each sector is made up of about 15 degrees based on 360 degrees divided by 24 sectors. In addition, each sector can also be corresponding to different elements, Gua, Heavenly stems, and Earthly Branches, etc. Here is an example how what the 24 mountains look like with different sectors.

24 Mountains Reference Table

To have a better idea what are all the different 24 mountains, you can refer to the reference table below:

DirectionMountainsDegreeHeavenly Stem/ Earthly Branch / TrigramSectorsYin / Yang
N1 Ren (壬) 337.6 - 352.5 H9 North Yang
N2 Zi (子) 352.6 - 7.5 E1 North Yin
N3 Gui (癸) 7.6 - 22.5 H10 North Yin
NE1 Chou (丑) 22.6 - 37.5 E2 North East Yin
NE2 Gen (艮) 37.6 - 52.5 T8 North East Yang
NE3 Yin (寅) 52.6 - 67.5 E3 North East Yang
E1 Jia (甲) 67.6 - 82.5 H1 East Yang
E2 Mao (卯) 82.6 - 97.5 E4 East Yin
E3 Yi (乙) 97.6 - 112.5 H2 East Yin
SE1 Chen (辰) 112.6 - 127.5 E5 South East Yin
SE2 Xun (巽) 127.6 - 142.5 T4 South East Yang
SE3 Si (巳) 142.6 - 157.5 E6 South East Yang
S1 Bing (丙) 157.6 - 172.5 H3 South Yang
S2 Wu (午) 172.6 - 187.5 E7 South Yin
S3 Ding (丁) 187.6 - 202.5 H4 South Yin
SW1 Wei (未) 202.6 - 217.5 E8 South West Yin
SW2 Kun (坤) 217.6 - 232.5 T2 South West Yang
SW3 Shen (申) 232.6 - 247.5 E9 South West Yang
W1 Geng (庚) 247.6 - 262.5 H7 West Yang
W2 You (酉) 262.6 - 277.5 E10 West Yin
W3 Xin (辛) 277.6 - 292.5 H8 West Yin
NW1 Xu (戌) 292.6 - 307.5 E11 North West Yin
NW2 Qian (乾) 307.6 - 322.5 T6 North West Yang
NW3 Hai (亥) 322.6 - 337.5 E12 North West Yang


With all these tools in place in the compass (Luo Pan), it is like a textbook with answers that allows practitioners to easily identify the information during Fengshui Audit.

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