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8 Reasons Why Bazi Reading and Analysis will help you?

What is Bazi Reading?

It is life and luck analysis method and is also commonly known as eight characters 八字 or 4 pillars destiny reading which derives from the thousand years calendar based on your birth year, month, date and hours.

It will be divided into 4 different pillars which we usually called it as year pillar, month pillar, day pillar and hours pillar. In each pillar, it also contains

  • Heavenly Stems
  • Earthly Branches
  • Hidden Stems

Bazi Chart

Practitioners usually will look at the Bazi Chart based on different factors like 5 elements, the interaction, and flows between each pillar.

What you can know from Bazi Reading/ Bazi Analysis?

With your Bazi Chart, we can dive deeper to further analyse to uncover the following:

1. Understanding Your Life & Destiny

Based on your chart, we will able to derive the quality of your Bazi chart.

2. Strength and Weakness

Knowing your strengths and weakness will give you a better understanding of yourself. Unleash your strength will give you a better breakthrough in your life. Knowing your weakness able to helps you to improve yourself, tapping on other resources to help you. All these definitely will benefit you by giving you more clarity  when comes into the decision making

3. Luck Cycle and Yearly Luck

In our life, Luck does play an important factor. In Bazi Reading, Bazi practitioner will usually dive into your Luck cycle and Yearly Luck. This will helps to determine and advise what are the dos and things to avoid.

4. Career and Business Luck

As we spent most of the time in this lifetime on our career & business for a living, it will be useful for you to know about your career. In career analysis, to see how successful or smooth in your career. Bazi will be also able to see whether you are suitable to start up your own business.

5. Wealth Luck

Wealth Luck analysis is not just to see how wealthy you are, it also able to determine your financial planning habits and other various factors.

6. Marriage and Relationships Luck

Besides looking into spouse relationships and your marriage luck, we also can derive your relationships with your family with your parents, siblings etc.

7. Children Luck

It will be your destiny with your children, the relationship and bonding with your children.

8. Highlight Critical or Disatorous Year

It is good to know and be well prepared by staying low profile, avoiding high-risk activities or investments during your low-time or critical/disastrous year.


Even though Bazi reading gives you a better understanding of yourself and more clarity of your life. You will still take some action to help yourself and lastly, bear in mind cherish whatever you have.




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