Learn More About The 12 Earthly Branches in Bazi Chart

The Bazi Chart consists of Heavenly Stem which we covered in the previous post and there are also Earthly Branches. Earthly Branches also refer to 地支, EB or Ein short form. It is a set of 12 and also comes with yin & yang and makeup of 12 different zodiac animals and 5 different elements. It also corresponds to the Fengshui 24 mountains as well.

Similar to Heavenly Stem, Earthly Branches are also calculated from the year, month, day, and hour of birth. To simplify, you can use the Bazi Calculator to plot out your Bazi Chart.

What Is Earthly Branches in Bazi Means To You?

Using the same concept and image, try to visualize the Bazi Chart as a tree and the earthly branches are just the roots of the tree which are hidden by others. In a way, it is not shown and can be seen by other people since it is hidden.

Bazi Heavenly Stem

In short, the earthly branch usually represents the inner thoughts and feelings of a person which cannot be seen easily by others since it is hidden.

Where is Earthly Branch located in Bazi Chart?

For Earthly Brach, it is located below the heavenly stem and usually, it is on the 2nd row in the Bazi Chart. If you want to find out where it is, you need to use the Bazi Calculator to generate your Bazi Chart with your date of birth and time of birth.

In this example below, there are 4 earthly branches broken into 4 different columns and each column represents the hour, day, month, and year pillars.

You can see that in the hour pillar, the earth branch is 亥 Hai referring to Boar and the day pillar is 寅  Yin which represents Tiger. Next, in the month pillar is 申 shen refers to Monkey and lastly in the year pillar is 戌  Xu which is also known as Dog in the Chinese zodiac animals

Earthly Branch in Bazi Chart

Earthly Branch Table Chart

Earthly BranchEarthly Branch in EnglishSymbolZodiac SignsElementsYin / Yang
Zi E1 Rat Water Yang
Chou E2 Ox Earth Yin
Yin E3 Tiger Wood Yang
Mao E4 Rabbit Wood Yin
Chen E5 Dragon Earth Yang
Si E6 Snake Fire Yin
Wu E7 Horse Fire Yang
Wei E8 Goat Earth Yin
Shen E9 Monkey Metal Yang
You E10 Rooster Metal Yin
Xu E11 Dog Earth Yang
Hai E12 Boar Water Yin


So after reading this, you should have a better idea what is earthly branch is, the representation like the zodiac animals, and where is located in the Bazi Chart.

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