7 FengShui Tips To Improve Your Bedroom FengShui

Why Fengshui for Bedroom is important?

The bedroom is one of the important places to look into for house Fengshui as we will be spending about a third of our time daily in the bedroom.

Hence, we should not neglect some of the key points listed below to prevent any negative energy flowing around your bedroom.

Benefits of having good Fengshui in your bedroom

To know the importance of having a good Fengshui for bedroom will give you the benefits in terms of health and promote harmony. Whereas if the bedroom with poor Fengshui for bedroom will bring you disagreements, health issues that will be affecting your rest will also impact your relationships and work performance.

Tips for Fengshui for Bedroom

Let’s take a look at the tips to help to improve your bedroom Fengshui. Do take note of the following

Bed Frame – With a Bed Head/ Headboard

Your bed frame should come with a solid bed head to support against the solid wall.

Bedroom Fengshui - Bed Head Support Bedframe

Bed Height Level for Fengshui

Besides avoiding bed frames without bed heads, you should take note of the height level of your bed. The ideal height for a human to sleep is above the knee level. Hence, putting your mattress directly on the floor or placing a mattress on the platform is not recommended.

If the bed height level is too high, which is too close to the ceiling like the double-decker bed also not recommended.

Bed Position for Fengshui

Although having a solid wall to support your bedhead is important, which solid wall to support also must take consideration.  You can refer to the image below for better understanding.

Fengshui correct Bed Position

To avoid using the wall that your bedroom door entrance.

Incorrect Bedhead Position with door entrance wall

Avoid bedhead supporting the windows.

Incorrect Bedhead Position against windows

Also, avoid bed facing the room door

Incorrect Bedhead Position facing door

Ceiling – Avoid beams or ceiling fans above your bed

Do not place any ceiling fans on the ceiling above your bed directly. It will affect your health in the long term especially the body part directly above the ceiling fans.

As for the ceiling, not to have any beam directly above your bed.

Mirror Position

The position of the mirror will also affect your bedroom Feng Shui. The easiest ways to avoid this will be hiding or cover up your mirror if you are not using it.

If it is impossible to do it, avoid placing your mirror facing your bed or facing your room door. You may place your mirror at this position below.

Mirror Position for fengshui

Avoid any sharp edges create SHA energy to your bed

Ensure all the sharp pointed edges like your wardrobe or side tables are not facing your bed. You may see the example below:

Wardrobe create sha to your bed

Avoid Room within a Room for your bedroom

Do not design your bedroom is within another room with a door, you can refer to the simple illustration below. If your bedroom is within another room, it will result in disagreement and conflicts for the family members.

Bedroom Fengshui Room within a Room


Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a better understanding to plan for your bedroom arrangement to improve the Fengshui for your bedroom.



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