Find Out More About Travel Palace Through Face Reading

Travel palace (迁移宫) , sometimes also known as Migrating Palace governs whether a person is suitable for traveling for work or even for migration.

Usually, we can use the travel palace to see any positive or negative impact like whether the person is suitable to travel else to have a better career or business opportunity.

In short, a person with a good travel palace will stand a good chance when they work overseas or able to achieve more when they travel compared to if the person works locally. A person with a weak travel palace, they might encounter issues & challenges when they travel overseas for work

Where is Travel Palace for Face Reading?

Travel or Migrating Palace (迁移宫) is located above the tail of your eyebrow, which is also around the hairline area.

Travel Palace location in Face Reading

Characteristics of a Travel Palace

Just like other palaces, a good travel palace should be smooth looking, without any scars or moles in the area. It should not be sunken and also it must be bright and healthy looking.

As mentioned earlier, having a good travel palace is suitable for traveling & working overseas. With these characteristics are also able to help you to determine whether you are suitable is doing travel business too, like operating a travel agency or doing any business dealing overseas.


To conclude this, with this little information about the travel palace based on face reading and able to help you better understand & also able to decide when you have the opportunity to work and new business opportunities in overseas.

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