3 Reasons Why Fengshui Is Not A Religion Practice?

Why Fengshui is not a Religious Practice?

Over the years, some people do have this perception that Fengshui is a religious practice. I have people around me shared with me that Fengshui seems to be related to Taoism which they are using the Yin and Yang concepts or will it going to against their own religion if to believe in Fengshui.

Classical Fengshui is developed by the ancients people which is originated from China and the purpose of Fengshui is to harmonize the environment.

In fact, there are a lot of different people around the world now from different backgrounds, races and religions practicing Fengshui. Hence, this article would like to dive deeper into whether Fengshui a religion.


Fengshui is not Spiritual Power

Fengshui is about natural and magnetic energy from the surrounding environment. When all these energies and forces are well balanced, the person will be able to live harmoniously in its environment.

Hence, there is no spiritual power involved in Classical Feng Shui.

No Faith and Belief for Fengshui

Unlike religion, Fengshui will not need any faith or belief to help to improve your personal well being.

In Classical Fengshui, we are based on theories and concepts to help to improve the flows of energy or Qi to improve your life. Furthermore, there is no god related concept in classical Fengshui.

No worship For Fengshui

Another difference between Fengshui and Religion will be we do not worship Fengshui.

Today, we use Fengshui as a tool or application based on concepts and theories to improve our life which is similar concepts as TCM, the traditional Chinese medical practice.

Final Thoughts

With this article hopefully, it will clear any myth or misconception about Fengshui is a religious practice. If you ask me whether it will go against your religion if to believe Fengshui, my answer will be a No.



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