Understand More About The Eyebrow, Sibling Palace – Face Reading Tips

Where is Sibling Palace for Face Reading?

Sibling Palace (兄弟宫) is another one of the 12 palaces in face reading.  It is located at your eyebrow. From the eyebrow, where can understand the personal character, the relationship for their siblings and friends.

It also represents the person’s life at the age of 31 to 34 years old.

Sibling Palace - Face Reading

How to determines a Good Sibling Palace?

In order to have a good sibling palace, these are the following features

1. No Scars on the Eyebrow or Sibling Palace

A scar on your eyebrow indicate there is relationship issues with your siblings.

2. The length of Eyebrow longer than your the Length of your eye

The length of your eyebrow shouldn’t be shorter than the length of your eye. Refer to a simple illustration below.

Face Reading Eyebrow Length

3. Eyebrow Must Be Dedicate and Neat. It Cannot Be Not Messy

A messy eyebrow will not attract wealth. If eyebrows grow in different directions that crossing with each other indicate confusion and conflicts due to cruel. Eyebrow should be neat and be in one direction only.

4. Start of the Eyebrow should be moving up and bend down at the tail of your Eyebrow

The length of your eyebrow shouldn’t be shorter than the length of your eye.

Face Reading Eyebrow Direction


After reading this, you can start looking and explore your family members about their eyebrow. Feel free to comment if you have any questions.



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