Understand Your Health Condition Through Face Reading – The Health Palace

Face reading is based on a complex system of facial proportions and features, which can reveal certain character traits from an individual’s physical appearance and behavior. In this article, we will be revealing more about health palace and how to determine a person’s health condition.

Where is Health Palace for Face Reading?

For Health Palace (疾厄宫), it is located at your nose bridge also known as Shan Gen which is below the Life Palace. It will represent a person’s health condition and it also can use to refer to the resistance towards disease and how well the person is able to manage stress.

Face Reading - Health Palace location

Characteristics of a Health Palace

Besides determining health conditions using health palace, we also can use health palace to determine the following:

1.  Good career

Besides having a good and high nose bridge, a person’s career will have a good career achievement if the health palace is connecting to the resource palace.

2.  Good Marriage

Other than using spouse palace, if the nose bridge is high and the nose is not sunken represents a good sign for good marriage life. If the nose is sunken, dark and the nose bridge is not high, the marriage life will not be so smooth as there will be conflicts or unhappiness.

3. Good Health

Most importantly for this health palace will be the nose bridge as if the nose bridge is high and bright looking it represents the personal health is in good condition and able to handle stress well in various difficult situations.

4. Nose Bridge Have a Mole

Having a mole at the nose bridge represents your poor appetite in your daily diet.

5. Nose Bridge is Narrow and Not Fleshy

If the person’s nose bridge is narrow and able to see the outline of the bone, this can represent the person can commit legal & crime-related issues and selfish thinking without thinking for others.


I believe you now should have a better understanding of the health palace and might be looking at your nose bridge and how does it tell about your life. Tune in for more updates and we do welcome feedback too if you would like to know more that has not be covered in this article.

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