Learn More About Your Property Luck Through Face Reading – Property Palace

The palace that governs your personal assets and property will be the Property Palace,田宅宫. It is also sometimes known as Asset Palace.

Property Palace is also can be used to see your family relationship, inheritance, and your property luck

Where is Property Palace for Face Reading?

The location of the Property Palace ( 田宅宫 ) is the area between the eye and the eyebrow.

MD - Property Palace Location in Face Reading

Characteristics of a Property Palace

A good property palace usually must be bright and smooth without any scars, moles sunken on the surface etc. With this, it can bring you better property luck when come to getting or investing a property.

You can use Property Palace to determine the following:

1.  Impatient

If the property palace is too narrow where the eyebrow is very close to the upper eyelids, it represents a person who is impatient in his daily life.

2.  Indecisive

On the other hand, if the property palace is too wide might not be good as well for the person. It is referring a person who is indecisive and easily being convinced by other people which may have a higher possibility easily cheated by people.

3. Poor Relationship With Children

Secondly for the property palace is too narrow also referring the relationship with the children is not as close, lesser communication with children as well.


To wrap up this article, you can now start off by look people around you especially your family members to check on their property palace.

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