Find Out More About Your Careers Through Face Reading – Career Palace

Face reading is an ancient art that uses the shape and size of the human face to determine a person’s character, compatibility, and other such qualities.

We will be sharing more about career palace in this article and how to determine a person’s career and wisdom based on face reading.

Where is Career Palace for Face Reading?

The Career Palace (官禄宫) is located at your forehead where it is residing above the Resource Palace (Life Palace) and below the hairline. We can use this palace to represent how successful is the person going to be in his career and at the same time also refer to the person’s wisdom and intelligence.

 Career Palace Position Face Reading

Characteristics of a Career Palace

Besides determining health conditions using health palace, we also can use health palace to determine the following:

1.  Smooth and Bright forehead without any scars

Having a bright and smooth flawless forehead does represent the person able to manage & handle tasks well. The person should be able to do well and able to see success in the career

2.  Sunken forehead

A sunken forehead shows that the person will encounter difficulties and obstacles in his or her career. It definitely will be tough for the person to find success and move up the corporate ladder throughout the career.

3. Protrude Forehead

A person having a protruding forehead can represent intelligence and strong leadership. A very good chance to succeed in business and become a leader.

4. Represent Husband for Female

For females, the career place also refers to the husband too. If the forehead with any scars or moles it may also indicate poor marriage luck.


With these tips above, you should be able to help yourself or your family members to check on their career palace.

In order to have a more accurate analysis, you can also analyze together with the resource place as well to determine the person’s potential for their career.

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