FengShui Tips To Improve your Kitchen

Why Kitchen is important in Fengshui?

Besides Bedroom and Main Door, Kitchen will be one of the key areas that should not be neglected in Fengshui. Poor Kitchen Fengshui will affect health, work, and relationship problems.

Tips for Fengshui for Kitchen

Let’s dive into the following tips for your Kitchen Fengshui.

1. Avoid Kitchen Door Directly Facing to your Main Door

Your house main door should not be able to see your stove. If so, try to install the door or curtain at your kitchen entrance.

Kitchen Stove Fengshui

2. Kitchen Stove Facing Fridge, Washing Machine and Toilet Door

There will be a clash when Kitchen Stove which represents fire element facing your water element house appliances like Fridge and Washing Machine. This will result in conflict and arguments among family members.

Kitchen Stove Facing Fridge Washing Machine

3. The kitchen should not Sit at NorthWest (NW) in your house

NW is one of the important sectors when come into house Fengshui. It also represents the father or head of the household in the house.

If the Kitchen is located in the NW sector, it will cause health-related problems.

4. Avoid Open Kitchen Concept

It is recommended to have a kitchen door to separate between the kitchen and your living room. Avoid having an open concept like hacking of walls that having a living room and kitchen look like all into one same area.

This is the example below with the open concept for the kitchen

Fengshui Tips for Kitchen

5. Stove Position

It is recommended your stove position should be supported and located at the external wall of your house. External wall referring to the wall that is facing externally.

This is the example, the stove is located the external wall of the house

Kitchen Stove locate at external wall

Example of stove located at the internal wall.

Kitchen Stove locate at internal wall

6. Number of Stoves in the Kitchen does matter

The number of stoves does impact the relationship in the family. Stove actually represents the woman in the house. Having more than 1 stove especially commonly found in landed properly will affect the family relationship.


With all these above tips hopefully will help you especially when coming into the selection of your new house. Feel free to drop us a comment or feedback if you have any questions.



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