Will Placing Plants in Bedroom Improve Fengshui ?

Will Plants in Bedroom good or bad for your Fengshui?

We have covered an earlier article that benefits plant placement in the wealth sector will help to improve your house Fengshui. Will placing Fengshui plants like ZZ plant will help to improve your bedroom Fengshui?

The answer is No.

Why is it bad for placing plants in Bedroom

We do not recommend any kinds of plants to place in your bedroom. A bedroom should keep it simple and comfortable for you to rest.

By placing plants in the bedroom will affect your rest which also indirectly cause health issue in the long term.

If you putting plants with thorns like cactus which will create SHA energy that will have a greater negative impact having more disturbance that will be affecting your peace and rest.


Now you have understood the negativity of placing plants in your bedroom, do remove it from your bedroom or move your other plants to other locations.

If you have any questions in mind about Fengshui, do comments below and we will try cover it as our featured article.



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