Know More and Understand About Parent Palace- Face Reading Tips

Where is Parent Palace for Face Reading?

For Parent Palace (父母宫) is located directly above your eyebrow which is the sibling palace that we have covered earlier.

The left side is called the Sun Corner will be representing your father and the right side, which is the Moon corner will be your mother.

Face Reading - Parent Palace

How to determines a Good Parent Palace?

In order to have a good parent palace, these are the following features:

1. No Scars or  Sunken on the Parent Palace

If there is a scar or sunken on the parent palace, it indicates there will be a poor relationship. The left side will be a poor relationship with your father and the right side of the parent palace will be your mother.

2. Looks Radiance and Bright on the Parent Palace

Parent Palace that looks bright and smooth that has radiance, not dark represents healthy for your parents.

3. Neat and Steep Shaped on the Parent Palace

If the person’s parent palace is well shaped and looks neat and steep, it is showing that they have capable and successful parents.


After reading this, you can start looking at people around you in their parent palace. You can also check out the remaining palace comment in our Face Reading section!

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