Having Mirror Facing The Bed Is It Good Or Bad for Feng Shui?

Why Is Mirror Facing Bed is Bad?

Mirror one of the important things in our daily life. We use a mirror for many purposes, to see ourselves to make sure we look great and presentable. Hence, it is very common that people will place a mirror in the bedroom.

What if our mirror placement is facing the bed? Is it good or bad for Feng Shui? In fact, in Chinese metaphysics mirror placement does have an impact on your Fengshui.

Having a mirror facing the bed directly do have negative impacts like may affect the health of the person that the mirror reflects. The key reason why is affecting the health and may cause injuries to the person is the energy (气)will reflect or bounce back to the person due to mirror reflection.

What are the easiest ways to resolve this?

To minimize any big changes to your home decor, you can resolve this by

1. Cover the mirror with the cloth.

You can remove the cloth whenever you need to use the mirror.

2. Changing the Mirror placement for your Bedroom

If you really need to place a mirror, it should not face directly the door as well or the toilet. Ideally, it should be placed at the corner where it is unable to reflect your bed and the doors. You may refer to the simple example below

Mirror Placement in bedroom

3. Hide Your Mirror in the wardrobe

Another easy way will be placing the mirror in the wardrobe. Whenever you need to use the mirror, you can simply the wardrobe and use it.


To conclude this, it will be better to consult or seek advice from the Feng Shui professional first for the mirror placement in your bedroom. Especially for a new home, it will be easier to make any changes in the mirror position.

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