Real Meaning of Having 2 Stoves in the Kitchen? Feng Shui Tips

The stove is an essential part of the kitchen layout. It’s important to think about not just the aesthetics and functionality but also the feng shui of the kitchen which we have covered in another article.

The placement of a stove in your house can have a profound impact on your life. A stove placed in the wrong location can bring bad luck and disrupt your balance. The number of stoves in your kitchen and in this article we will uncover the real meaning for a number of stoves.

Why a number of stoves in the kitchen play important role in Fengshui?

We can say that having 2 stoves in one kitchen is a good idea if there are two people who cook at the same time especially for those staying in landed properties. Otherwise, it might be hard for one person to cook with 2 stoves available.

Some people might think that having two of the same stove might not be necessary because they are likely to have similar cooking needs, but some people might have different needs for each stove.

In Fengshui, we will not recommend having 2 stoves in the kitchen or having 2 kitchens in a similar property.  Stoves and kitchen usually referring to the female, the mother or your wife in the house so having 2 stoves or 2 kitchens will have the following issues :

1. Spouse relationship

Somehow it will affect the spouse relationship and the husband of the house has create higher possibility to have another relationship or affairs since stoves represent the woman or wife. Having the 2 stoves is also can referring there will be another woman as well.

2. Family relationships

It will affect the harmony in the house and might have conflicts, arguments within the family members. For example, your mum might not able to get along well with your wife, etc due to conflicts. It will somehow create another problem for you since both of them are unable to get along.

How can you resolve this 2 stoves issue in the kitchen?

Sad to say there is no solution unless you have only one stove in the kitchen. Do also avoid any mirror in the kitchen that will reflect an additional stove in the kitchen.


Hopefully this article will give you a better insights and understanding of the meaning having 2 stoves in the kitchen in Fengshui perspective.

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