Choosing A Bed To Improve Your Health & Rest – [Easy Fengshui Tips]

Why Bed Is Important for Fengshui?

The bedroom is one of 3 important spaces where we should not neglect when looking into Fengshui, you can read more here about our bedroom Fengshui tips.  Therefore, a good selection of bed is important too as we are resting at least 6-8 hours daily on the bed.

Let’s dive into some of the tips we have for the bed selection now!

1. Using a Bed Frame

Firstly, it is important to get a proper bed frame for your mattress.  It is advisable to avoid placing your mattress on the ground or a platform. With a bed frame,  also note that the Bedhead or solid headboard must be support against the wall.

2. Bed Frame without Storage Space

It is recommended to have a bed frame without anything below. You can refer to the image below. The main reason why this bed frame is to allows the qi(气) to flow smoothly without any obstacle.

Bed Frame without anything below

Not to worry if you already have a bed frame with storage space. You can try to avoid placing any sharp objects like scissors etc in the storage space where it can indirectly affect your health in the long run.

bed frame with storage avoid putting sharp objects

3. The Height of the Bed

The height of the bed ideally should be around our knee level. It should not be too close to the ceiling for example like those double-decker beds and it should not be too low or on the ground directly which we covered in #1 tips to use a bed frame.

4. Bed on top of another Bed

It is also advisable to avoid placing a bed on top of another bed as support. This will cause sickness.

Wrapping Up

After this article, you should have a better understanding when comes to selecting a bed for your bedroom. As the bed is one of the key furniture n the bedroom, it is important to select a good proper bed which allows you have a proper rest.  Browse around and you can find more easy tips to improve your bedroom fengshui.

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