How To Find Your Lucky Color Based on Your Bazi

We have covered previously what is your lucky number based on your Bazi and you sometimes wonder about what is my lucky color based on my personal Bazi chart?

As mentioned before in our other article, every person should have either 2 or 3 favorable elements and this will depend on the strength of your day master which requires some calculation where some bazi app will actually tell you automatically.

Once you know your favorable elements, you can use it to determine what are your lucky colors. With that, you can use it to choosing your brand car color, etc which might helps to improve.

What are the Lucky Colors for the 5 different elements

Here is the list of lucky colors based on the 5 different elements, although each element can represent a different meaning you can make use of it if there are belong to your favorable elements:

If your personal favorite colors also happened to be your favorable colors, you can use it more often too in your daily life.

  • Metal Element – White, Gold, Silver
  • Water Element – Blue, Black
  • Wood Element – Green, Teal
  • Fire Element – Red, Pink, Orange, Peach
  • Earth Element – Yellow, Brown

Tips: How can you use lucky colors based on your favorable elements

There are many ways you can use your lucky colors derived from your Bazi chart.

1. Car

If you are headache with what color of car should you choose, you can use your lucky colors instead. As you will be using the car for your work and essential car and by using your favorite lucky colors might helps to boost your safety and luck too.

2. Clothes

You can also use your lucky colors for your clothing too as long you feel is comfortable and presentable or you can also avoid wearing colors that are unfavorable to you too.

3. Wall Colors for Your House

Wall colors are also another thing that you can use when choosing the colors for your wall. For example, for a study/working room, you can choose a favorable color that will benefit and enhance your wealth based on your Bazi.


We hope this article has taught you about how Bazi is and how to find your lucky color based on it. We hope that you will have a better understanding of the role that colors have in your life.

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