How To Find Your Lucky Number Based on Your Bazi

So what are your lucky numbers? Do you know that are ways to find out what are your lucky numbers when you did a Bazi consultation from a master or generate your Bazi chart?

Every Bazi chart does have favourable and unfavourable elements. Usually, each person should have either 2 or 3 favourable elements depends on how the strength of your day master in the chart.  In fact, there are numbers represented for all 5 different elements.

So to find out your lucky number, you just need to know what are the favourable elements first.

Numbers Chart in all the 5 different elements

After you find out what are your favourable numbers from your Bazi chart, you can check the list below based on your favourable elements:

  • Metal Element – 4 and 9
  • Water Element – 1 and 6
  • Wood Element – 3 and 8
  • Fire Element – 2 and 7
  • Earth Element – 5 and 0


Tips: How can you use lucky numbers based on your favorable elements

There are many ways you can use your lucky numbers derived from your Bazi chart.

1. Mobile Number

I believe most people do hold at least 1 or more mobile numbers in today context. Usually, people will retain their main mobile number for a long period of time as many essential services like banking already tagged under the mobile number.

Therefore, using lucky numbers based on your Bazi for your mobile number will be advisable.

2. House Unit Number

Another way that you can use your favourable lucky numbers is for your house unit numbers.  As your house will be one of the places that you will be staying for a long period of time hence it is recommended to apply this for unit number too.

3. Car Plate Number

For car owners, you also can use it for your car plate number too. Hopefully by using your auspicious lucky numbers for your car plate will benefit you by keeping you safe while driving on the road.

For example, if your favourable element is wood and water, your car plate number can contain either 1,6,3,8.


Hopefully,  you can find your personal lucky numbers now and some ideas on how to use your lucky numbers in our daily life after reading this article.

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