Do You Know You Can See Wealth Through Face Reading – The Wealth Palace

Where is Wealth Palace for Face Reading?

This is one of the most popular palaces that many people always been asking. In face reading, the wealth palace (财帛宫) is located at the nose. A good wealth palace represents a person who enjoys a good career, wealth, relationship, and health. As for females,  wealth palace also referring to the husband.

As for the five elements, the nose belongs to earth elements.

Face Reading - Wealth Palace Position

Characteristics of a Wealth Palace

Wealth Palace is important as it may impact our relationships, careers, health, and wealth. All these 4 key elements are just a cycle when your health is affected, it will affect your careers and also directly affect your income and family relationships as well.

Nevertheless, although we are unable to change how we want it for our nose there are things still within our control. For example, if you are aware that you love spending money and do not have any saving habits. You can start to control your spending habit and start savings.

1. The tip of the Nose is Fleshy and Round

If the tip of the nose is flesh and round is a sign of an ability to generate wealth.

2.  Unable to see nose holes clearly

At the eye level, if you are able to see the nose holes at the nose wind area very clearly, it actually represents the person unable to save and hold on to their wealth. It can be the person good at spending money, easily lose money due to gambling or investment.

3. Bone or Fleshy?

If the nose showing more bone than fleshy looks, it refers to the person can be very stingy and calculative. If the nose showing more flesh instead, it can be the person is generous.

4. Nose Wings Condition

The nose wings are located at both sides of your nose wind. If the nose wings are fleshy indicates that the person is thrifty and able to save up money.

5. Nose Bridge is High and Smooth

If the person’s nose bridge is high and smooth without any scars, marks are a good sign. It is indicated that the person is confident, able to overcome the major problem and undergo pressures in life.

5. Nose Must Be Straight

If a person’s nose is not straight and it looks slant meaning the person may attract disaster easily like an accident or any legal matters.


We have briefly highlighted are key things to look into for wealth palace in face reading and hope this brings you better insights and understanding for yourself and your loved ones.

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