Importance of Life Palace – Face Reading Tips

Where is Life Palace for Face Reading?

Life Palace (命宫 ) is one of the 12 palaces in face reading.  It is located between your eyebrows and above your nose. It also used to determine a person’s success and failure in life. How smooth-flowing or tough in your life will depend on life palace.

As for 100 age position in face reading, it is at 28 years old which represent the person career during the period


Life Palace - Face Reading


How to determines a good Life Palace?

To determine a good life palace, you will need to have the following:

1. Smooth and brights & without scars or lines

With scars or lines indicate you may face challenges and bumping road in your life. Things will not go so smooth.

2. Not too narrow or wide between your 2 eyebrows

The gap between your 2 eyebrows should be about your 2 fingers apart. For the 2 fingers, will referring to index and middle fingers.

If the gap less than 2 fingers which are too narrow represent the person is too narrow-minded, pessimistic or impatient.

If the gap is too huge also indicates that a person is being over kind-hearted that easily taking advantages by others

3. Fleshy

It is a good sign that if the life palace is fleshy. It represents a smooth career in life if the flesh is connected to the nose bridge.


It will be a good practice to keep your life palace neat and tidy. You can do it by removing any unwanted eyebrows. Will you be noticing your life palace from today onwards?



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