What Can You Know From Your FengShui Kua Number ?

What is Fengshui Kua Number?

Kua Number is derived from Eight Mansions School of Feng Shui which depends on the interaction between 5 elements. It is divided into 2 groups which are the east and west groups.

Based on your Kua Number, you will be able to know which directions are more favorable for you. If your house Gua matches with your own personal Gua, it represents auspicious for you.

What are the Kua Number and Direction for East And West Groups

As mentioned earlier, it will be split into East and West Groups

East Group

For the East Group, these are the 4 Kua Numbers are 1, 3, 4,9

West Group

For the West Group, these are the 4 Kua numbers are 2, 6, 7, 8

Auspicious and Inauspicious Direction For Each Kua Number

Kua number direction

Understand More – Auspicious & Inauspicious Direction Based on your Fengshui Kua

Let’s dive deeper into have a better understanding of each auspicious direction for your Fengshui Kua Number Direction



It is another word for your personal growth which will help you in your career, business and personal achievement. It will also give you more ideas and motivation towards your stuff that you are focusing on.


Tap on this direction will actually your mind and health with lesser distraction or feel lethargic.


Referring to marriage and relationships as it brings more stability and harmony for the relationships with your loved and closed ones. It also helps to improve your social life as well.


This direction will benefit you with your personal development with less distraction and giving you more energy to seek for further self-improvement.


Six Killings

It is referring to negative mindset that will affect the relationship with your family and work.

Total Loss

This will cause self-destruction by affecting your emotion cause you anxiety, depression and other mental issues that will affect your life.

Five Ghosts

It related to unwanted conflicts and violence that will affect your working relationship with others. In some serious cases, it will lead to lawsuits.


It will be like giving more negative energy that makes you unproductive and not motivated towards your work and other stuff.


If you have any questions in mind about Kua Number, feel free to comments below and we can cover it as our article.



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