Will Bathroom Gives You a Bad Fengshui ?

Will Bathroom give your house bad Fengshui?

No. Most importantly, as long as you keep your bathroom or toilet clean and dry.

The modern toilet or bathroom is very different from the ancient time where they do not have a proper sewer and flushing system. Furthermore, even though the bathroom or toilet was located outside of their house yet the stink smell of the toilet can be very strong.

Today, our modern bathroom or toilet is able to flush away all the waste immediately after using hence this is one of the key factors that it will not affect your house Fengshui even the toilet or bathroom is attached to your house.

Tips to Improve your Fengshui for your Bathroom / Toilet

Avoid Bathroom or Toilet Door facing the Bedroom

It is recommended to avoid facing the toilet door directly for your bedroom.

As most of the apartments now do have one of the room doors is facing directly to the bathroom door, another thing we can do is ensure the bathroom or toilet is clean and dry.

Bathroom or Toilet in which direction of your house does matter.

There are some sectors of your house that are important especially referring to the breadwinner or the key person of the house owner.

If the bathroom or toilet is located directly in the important sector of your house it will affect your health or luck. We will cover more in detail on the important sectors of your house in the other article.

Keeping your bathroom or toilet clean

This is the most basic stuff to do and ensure your toilet does not produce any bad smells which will lead to affecting your house Fengshui. Cleaning your toilet or bathroom at least once a week will be good enough.


The main purpose of this article is to let you guys aware that the bathroom or toilet will not have a negative impact on your house Fengshui even though it is located inside your house.

Most importantly, keeping your bathroom and toilet clean is a must and there are few keys factors to take note will be where is your bathroom or toilet located in your house which we will cover in a later article.



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