7 Fengshui Living Room Tips – Easy Guide To Enhance Your Living Room

Fengshui For Living Room

The living room is a place where you and your family members will spend time together for bonding and relaxing during leisure time.

Although the living room is not part of the 3 important areas that Fengshui usually focus. We shall not neglect it too and it does help to improve and promote healthy living and better relationships with a good Fengshui.

Let’s take a look at what are the tips we have for the living room Fengshui

1. Avoid Low Ceiling

The ceiling height for a normal apartment should be around 2.5m and which is fine. Ideally, it should not be too low like 2m which is just slightly higher than your height.

Having a low ceiling, you might have feel pressure where something is compressing on you.  In the Fengshui context, the energy to flow as well. Hence, avoid getting an apartment with a low ceiling.

2. Avoid Beam on Ceiling

The concept is similar to avoiding a low ceiling in the living room. Having a beam (refer to the example below) on the ceiling will create negative energy,

Living Room Fengshui for Ceiling Beam


3. Sofa Position

The sofa is one of the common furnishings for the living room and good positioning of the sofa will help to improve the Fengshui. Ideally, the position of your sofa should be

  • Against the solid wall
  • Avoid back facing your main door
  • You should be able to see your main door

4. The brightness of the Living Room

The brightness of your living room also plays an important role in your overall living room Fengshui.  Your living room should be bright and there must be lights coming from the windows which will have more yang energy to allows more vibrant and positive feelings.

5. No Blockage from the Main Door

There should not have any furnishing, pillars that block your main door.  This is to allow the energy to flow into your house smoothly.

Living Room Fengshui - Blocking the main door

6.  Stairway Location

If you have stairs in the living room, the position of the stairway will impact the flow of the energy.

If the stairway entry facing the main door directly, the energy from the main door will flow into the stairway towards the next level. This will result in insufficient energy flow in your living room. Hence, the stairway should not be facing the main door directly.

7. Mirror Placement

Mirror placement as home decor is quite popular in apartments lately, especially in the dining area wall. Some house owners usually place a huge mirror as it somehow makes your living room bigger or spacious.

The mirror should be used carefully and we will not recommend placing any mirror in the living room. Alternatively, you can try to replace it with wall art for home decoration.

The below image is another example with the mirror placement in the living room which can directly reflect away the incoming energy flow into your living room.

Living Room Mirror Placement

Final Thoughts

The living room is a place where for you and your family members to gather and relax together during leisure time.

Therefore, it is recommended that the living room will have more Yang energy to promote a lively and vibrant environment for you and your family. These 7 simple living room Fengshui tips is to promote comfortable and harmony. If you would like to go into wealth, health, and relationship for activating different sectors of your living room, you may need to consult a proper Fengshui consultation service.

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