Benefits of Using Zamioculcas or ZZ Plant – FengShui Tips

What is Zamioculcas Zmiifolia or ZZ plant?

Zamioculcas Zmiifolia is also known as ZZ plant with various nicks like fortune tree, jin qian shu (金钱树)  and it is one of the popular and most commonly being used to improve your house Feng shui.

Zamioculcas Zmiifolia ZZ plant

Characteristics of Zamioculcas Zmiifolia?

Zamiculcas / ZZ plant is easy to take care of and maintain.

It is a drought-tolerant tough plant and it will absorb the Qi hence it does not require much light and water, unlike other plants.

It has large leave and it grows very fast.

3 Benefits of using a Zamioculcas / ZZ plant in Fengshui

Having Zamioculas will benefit you the following:

1. Activate Your Wealth Sector

You can place in your house to activate the wealth sector for Fengshui as it will help to accumulate the good Qi.

2. Regulate the Qi into your House

As Fengshui is about the Qi movement, Zamioculcas will also help to regulate or direct the Qi in your house. For example, you also can place it outside your house as it will help to regulate and improve the Qi from outside into your main door.

3. Block External Sha

It will also help to block against external sha (if any)  for example, if you place outside your main door.

FAQs for Zamioculcas / ZZ plant

Is it safe to keep Zamioculcas and will it cause cancer?

It is safe to keep and it is a popular choice for indoor gardening because it is easy to maintain.

There is no credible scientific support the claims that Zamiculcas is a dangerous plant that will cause cancer. It belongs to a group of plants called aroids hence it contains calcium oxalate crystal in their sap.

Avoid direct contact or ingested with the sap as it will cause irritation for some people.

Can I place the Zamiculcas or ZZ plant in my bedroom?

No, in fact, we do not recommend to place any plant in your bedroom.


Using Zamioculcas is one of the common ways to improve your house Fengshui. To summarise, you can place it in your wealth sector or outside your main door. Do not hesitate to let us know if you need further information.



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