5 Possible Reasons Why Bazi Can Be Inaccurate ?

As most of us already know Bazi is an ancient form of Chinese Art that looks at the date, month, hour, and year of a person’s birth. In layman, I would say Bazi is just like a map of a person’s life and it also uses to represent the person’s “star” or “destiny” according to the Chinese calendar in this lifetime journey.

5 Reasons Why Bazi can be not inaccurate?

Inaccurate predictions can happen due to the following reasons:

1. Bazi with missing certain key information or on the basis of inaccurate information.

2. The time of birth is not accurate

3. The master or the person that derived Bazi Chart is not professional and does not have adequate knowledge about Bazi, or they lack the necessary practice that comes with experience in reading charts.

4. Not open-minded

5. External Factors

Let’s dive in deeper for each of these reasons.

1. Bazi with missing certain key information or on the basis of inaccurate information.

One of the most common things is there are people who really have no ideas on the timing when they are born. And these usually happened with the older generation either their birth document was missing or it also could be due to adoption that their date of birth could be unkown.

Another possibility also can be the information they have in their birth document can be wrong. As in the past, birth certification can either handwritten or using a typewriter so when there was a typo mistake the especially on the timing either the parent were not aware or they feel that it is

2. The time of birth is not accurate

Sometimes the timing of the birth is quite close to the next hour and this will also affect the overall outcome of your Bazi chart. For example. if your birth certification indicates that the time of birth is 1500 hours. There might be 2 possibilities it could be during the time of birth can be just a few minutes difference before or after 1500 hours. It is very common as normally people look at the clock for example at 1459  or 1501 hours will naturally take as 1500 hours.

In order to be more precise, the best practice will be plotting the Bazi chart for these 2 different hours and compare. One of them should be more accurate and this will be your correct Bazi chart.

3. Does not have adequate knowledge or lack of experience.

Personally, I would say reading a Bazi chart does not only requires adequate knowledge due to its complexity with all sorts of different combinations, clashes, etc and it also requires experience. In addition, different Bazi consultants or masters may have a different level of understanding and using different methods to decode your Bazi chart so the outcome may seem different.

One of the ways will be a good & patient Bazi consultant or master will try his best to validate by asking questions of your past experience using your chart to ensure this Bazi chart matches your past experience. To conclude this, this also is a possible reason why people feel that Bazi can be inaccurate.

4. Open-Minded before Bazi Consultation

We do understand that there are some people who do not believe or have a bad perspective on Bazi. For example, people do have the impression that Bazi consultant just like a con-man that out to scam or may not have good ethics when practicing Chinese metaphysics.

There are people who still have the perception that Bazi is related to religion too. Hence, this will also result that people will not believe anything related to Bazi since they already have this negative mindset or perception about Chinese metaphysics. In this case, will suggest trying to keep open-minded before the Bazi consultation session and this may actually help to change the perception or may even gain some insights from this.

5. External Factors

These external factors like time adjustment for a country. For Singapore, there are few various time adjustments were made before 1982.

Another external factor could be the cut-off timing to the next day, month or year might affect the inaccuracy of the birth date. For a Chinese calendar, the cut-off timing will be after 12 midnight, 0000 hours to the next season.


After sharing this with my personal perspective and experience, hopefully, it gives you more insights on why Bazi can be inaccurate sometimes due to various reasons and factors.

Although, there are times we are unable to control all these factors to find out more about our personalized map journey for this life. Perhaps, there are other alternative methods to find out more like the environment you are in, your family members to see whether you are able to trace back the correct birth chart.

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