Find Out More Your Marriage and Love Through Face Reading – The Spouse Palace

Where is Spouse Palace for Face Reading?

Previously, we have covered Parent Palace for face reading. In this article, we will share we can you find the Spouse Palace (夫妻宫).  There is also another name for Spouse Palace, it is called Adultery Gate and is located at the tail of the eyes.

By looking at Spouse Palace, we are able to see the quality of the person’s marriage life, whether the person easily attracted to the opposite sex and how complex is the person’s love relationship.

Face Reading - Spouse Palace Location

Characteristics of a  Good Spouse Palace

Having a good spouse palace,  these are these key features:

1. Smooth and Radiance Flawless Skin without any Scars

Having smooth and bright skin at the spouse’s palace represents good quality of marriage life.

2.  Any Fish Tails at the tail of the eyes

If the person is young which is below the 30s, it should not have any fishtails looking at the tail of the eyes. Having fishtails at the spouse’s palace represents the person might have a tough time with their marriage.

3. No Scars or Moles on the Spouse Palace

Having scars or moles on the spouse palace denote the poor quality of their spouse relationship. It also has a higher possibility that the relationship might involve 3rd party.

4. No Sunken on Spouse Palace

If there is a sunken, dry surface on the spouse’s palace may represent loneliness.


Spouse palace in Physiognomy does play important role in your marriage life and love relationship. You can use this technique while trying to understand your own personal marriage and love relationship now.

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