Benefits of Using Fish Tank- FengShui Tips

Using Fish Tank to improve your house Fengshui?

In our previous article, we have covered the benefits of using Zamioculas for Fengshui. In this article, we will focus on the fish tank.

Fish Tank is also commonly used to improve your house Feng shui by activating your wealth sector in your house.

What types of Fish Tank to activate the Wealth sector?

If you are planning to use a fish tank to activate your Sheng Qi (生气) or Wealth Sector. Please take note of the following:

1. Do not cover the fish tank

The main objective is to allow the good Qi to flow into and accumulate in the fish tank.

2. Avoid Dead Water

Ensure the water in the fish tank is circulating, you can simply place a water pump in the fish tank to ensure the water in the fish tank is not still.

3. Avoid External Water

Do not use fountain type and ensure the water will not splash out of your fish tank. This type of water will not be suitable for activating your Sheng Qi or Wealth Sector. It will be more appropriate for other sectors.

FAQs – Fish Tank for Fengshui

What types of fish can I keep in my fish tank?

Although types of fish are not the key factor, I will recommend keeping less aggressive fishes like guppies, mollies, etc.

What is the recommended number of fishes to keep in the tank?

No. But if you like you can use the number based on your favorite elements? I will cover more in the Bazi article.

What is the height of the Fish Tank?

We will just need to ensure the top of the fish tank is at least above our knee level. Avoid putting too high up or low for your fish tank.

Where can I place the fish tank to improve my house Feng Shui?

Since we use a fish tank to activate the wealth sector (生气位 )hence we will place the fish tank at your wealth sector.

Can I cover the top cover of my Fish Tank?

In order for the Qi the flow and accumulate, try to leave as open as possible for the top part of the fish tank. You can refer to the 2 photos below for more examples.

Photo 1 – It is not recommended as the lighting cover most of the top parts.

Fish Tank with cover

Photo 2 – You should use this type of fish tank where the top part are not being blocked by any objects. (Photo source:

Fish Tank Suitable for Fengshui


Will you be using Fish Tank or Zamioculas to activate your wealth sector? Do remember to avoid using any water fountain or any external water forms for your house. Lets us know your feedback below.



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