How is it like during Fengshui Consultation ?

Engaging Fengshui Consultation Service?

To those may wonder what should I expect when I engage a Fengshui Master or Consultant for a Fengshui audit?

Typically, a Fengshui master usually will explain to you the following about your house Fengshui:

  1. What are the do and don’ts for your house – for example, the placement for your bed arrangement, study desk, stove, sofa etc.
  2. Good and Bad Sectors for your house
  3. External Factors that cause negative energy to your house
  4. Family members staying the house

Secondly, especially for the first-timer who might feel anxious or worried will they require to buy like crystal to help to enhance their Fengshui after the consultation.

My answer will be it depends on the Fengshui master or consultant on their beliefs & practice. Usually, for that new-age Fengshui, they will recommend you to get some crystal placement for your house.

Personally, I am following classic Fengshui hence will not recommend any crystal kinds of stuff that will help to improve the house Feng Shui.

DIY Fengshui vs Engage Fengshui Audit Service?

Some might ask there are lots of resources and tips out there on the internet and forum, hence I should be able to do my house Fengshui.

I would suggest engaging a professional Fengshui Consultant is more feasible. By using online resources are not sufficient and there is possible to cause backfire. Furthermore, you will not able to know whether the information from the internet is true?

Onsite Fengshui vs Remote Fengshui

Another common question that I usually receive will be can the Fengshui Consultant do a Fengshui audit without being onsite?

My answer to this question will be some of the things that can be done without being onsite. For example, identify good and bad sectors, stove placement, wealth sector, flying stars and 8 mansions reading where it can be done based on the floor plan.

Most importantly, there are more things that can be done onsite. For example, onsite able to identify the negative energy from the external environment more accurately instead of based on photos or maps.

Another important thing will be we can confirm whether the energy (qi) is stable when we are onsite. In short, there are a number of limitations when the Fengshui audit conducts remotely.

My recommendation will be all Fengshui Consultation should be done onsite.

What do you need to provide for Fengshui Consultation?

Below are all the information usually needed before Fengshui Consultation.

Firstly, it will be your home address.  It will be useful for the master or the consultant to do some preparation first like understanding the surrounding before onsite.

Secondly, we will definitely need a floor plan for your apartment. Do make a copy of your original floor plan when you purchase the apartment. Avoid using a hand-drawn floor plan as it will not be accurate.

Lastly, family member date of birth staying in the house.

Fengshui Consultation Process

During the consultation process, it will typically cover the following:

  1. 8 Mansion & Flying Stars
  2. Wealth Sector
  3. Main Door
  4. Living Rooms Analysis
  5. Kitchen Analysis
  6. Rooms Analysis
  7. Family Members Bazi Reference

8 Mansions & Flying Stars

You may come across about either 8 mansions or flying stars before.

By using the floor plan and identify your facing direction, we are able to check by using 8 mansion methods whether your important areas like the main door, bedroom, and kitchen area fall into which sectors

Simiarly for Xuan Kong Flying Stars, will be looking into where are all the flying stars located in the 9 grids based on your floor plan.

Wealth Sector

This is one of the most popular topics that most of the house owners would like to find out their wealth sector of the house.

After we have identified the wealth sector of the house, we will usually recommend placing a fish tank to activate or ZZ plant to activate the wealth sector.

Main Door

For Main Door, they are few factors we will look at including the external surrounding, the brightness outside your main door. Check out the simplified tips on your main door Fengshui for your apartment.

Living Room Analysis

Beside identify the wealth sector in your living room, we will also at furnishing placement like from sofa replacement, dining area. We will cover this in the Tips for Living Room Fengshui.

Kitchen Analysis

As mentioned earlier, Kitchen is one of the important areas we will look into. Beside using 8 mansions method to look into your Kitchen is falls under which sector.

We will also be looking at stove placement, fridge, and the interior design for your kitchen. You can check out our articles that cover Kitchen Fengshui Tips.

Rooms Analysis

For Apartment’s rooms, the Fengshui consultant will usually identify your wen chang (文昌) position for where your desk should be located for studies.

Common furnishings like bed positioning, mirror, or advice what are the things that will cause bad negative energy.

Family Members Bazi Reference

Typically with the Bazi of all your family members,  the Fengshui Master will be also referencing to check whether the pros and cons for each member staying in the apartment.

Usually, they will be focusing on the main breadwinner for the house. Why is that so? Because if the place is not suitable for the main breadwinner to stay be it like affecting his career or health, it will also indirectly impact the rest of the family members.

Other events like date selection of moving in will be also referencing to Bazi as well.

Final Thoughts

Similarly, like other professional consultation services, the advice and recommendation you receive may differ from different Fengshui Masters.

It could be largely due to each individual experiences and perspectives, the way they think, and how they look at things. But the concept of Fengshui should not have different.


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