Find Out More About Children Palace – Face Reading Tips

Where is Children Palace for Face Reading?

Children Palace (子女宫) is located directly below our eyes. Will you get along well with your children? In Children Palace, we can find out more about the quality and relationships with your children.

Children Palace also represents the person’s life at the age of 46to 47 years old.

Children Palace Location

How to determines a Good Children Palace?

In order to have a good sibling palace, these are the following features

1. No Scars or Mole on the Children Palace

Scars or mole represent a clash with your children. It also indicates that you will feel upset by your children.

2. Children Palace should not be sunken

If the children palace is sunken, it can represent potential poor relationship with children and having difficulties having children might due to fertility health problems.

3. Smooth & Vibrant Children Palace

This shows that the person has a good affinity with the children and enjoy good relationship with their children.


After reading this, you can explore people around you on their children palace. Feel free to comment if you want to find out more on Face Reading!



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