5 Tips For Your Apartment Main Door Fengshui

Why the Main Door is important?

The main door facing is one of the key elements besides the master bedroom and kitchen. Therefore, we should not neglect anything for our apartment main door as it will affect the quality of the Fengshui.

This is where your house to receive the Qi or energy (气) into your house. If your main door has all these issues below, it will affect the quality of the energy (气). The people staying in the house also will be affected as well.

Today we will be focusing on the apartment or flats main door but we will cover the landed property in other articles as there will be more complex and stuffs to covered for landed property.

5 Common Things will cause Bad Fengshui for your main door

Below are the 5 common things to take note of your main door.

1. Lack of lights outside your main door

It is recommended that your main door facing will be bright and able to see the sunlight.

If there are things like shelter or anything that is blocking your outside your main door that make it too dark, it is not recommended.

2. Avoid Close distance door Facing to your neighbour’s Door

Nowadays this setting can be quite common for some of the apartments.

As you and your neighbor’s main doors to receive the energy, when both main doors are facing too close to each other will result in insufficient Qi or energy to flow into your house.

Ideally, there should not have any obstruction about 1.8m outside your main door.

Main door to door too close - fengshui tips

3. Avoid Facing the Lift Door

The lift door will be always open and close and this will form a sha qi (杀气) or negative energy into your house.

4. Avoid Facing the sharp edges of the wall

Another form of SHA qi (杀气) if your main door facing the wall sharp edges directly.

Sharp Edge Facing Main Door

5. No messy shoe lying outside your main door

Do ensure that shoes and socks do not block your main door and it should be well kept in your shoe rack.


Lastly, it is recommended to place zz plant outside your house which we covered in your previous article. ZZ plant will be able to help to improve your house Fengshui.

Feel free to comment if you have any question regarding your main door.

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